Nowadays, against a need of information, we obtain a more or less accurate response after consulting different sources. The majority of us choose to ask people from our environment (family, close friends ...) or search in the Web. Depending on the kind of our needs, we access into a general search engine like Google, we look at Wikipedia, gossip on Facebook or LinkedIn, Technorati or investigate in IMDB, visit Youtube or Flickr, etc.. In 90% of cases, after a while, we find what really interest us. After a repetitive and manual filtering of results that offer these services as listed. Clear examples of this type of listings we encounter every day:

  • Not sure which movie to watch in theaters, In every case you must indicate from which ones you are close, you have discard horror films and romantic comedies, verify which is the best time schedule, etc ... Couldn't they just show the nearby theaters, with the movies you like and the ones you can schedule to attend? How much time will you loose repeating this task again and again? Isn't it absurd?
  • Want to go skiing, you check the snow conditions at closest resorts, whether they are open, if they have black slopes, the road conditions, weather, etc ... Couldn't that be an app which tells all that for you? You just want to ski!
  • Interested in contacting people with similar interests why you have to look through thousands of results pages of contacts? Can't only appear the ones with who you really may be interested and even those who are near to you?

Or even you may not have a specific need. Maybe you just want to entertain.. Currently there are no products that will offer real alternatives for entertainment depending on your personality, hobbies, geographic location, etc.. It's you who must think what type of thing you want to do. Wouldn't be interesting to receive suggestions of what to do when you are bored? What if those suggestions are made by someone who knows you very well? In fact, as well as your the one who choose.

Earlier most people choose to ask the people around them and / or the Internet to solve these problems. But what if you could have an application that can recommend as well as those people, and also add information from different data sources on the Internet?

In Knomos we believe it is possible, to obtain only one result against one need. In fact, we only offer one. The correct.

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