Our main products

  • Ski application -snowium- Discover the resort with the best conditions today, for you. alpha version, comming soon
  • Shopping appFind those shops that gives you the best shopping experience alpha version, comming soon
  • People app finding like-minded people who are near to you under construction
  • Interesting places arround find the best places where you can go and enjoy it more under construction
  • Gossip app most-shared gossip in your city, your people, their secrets on your pocket. under construction
  • I'm boredwhat to do, right now, right here under construction
  • Movie appWhat to see and where, right now, for me, or for me and my special friend under construction
  • Make a gift application gift advisor for your friends and familiy, for those who never guess the right gift, now they will. under construction

We also can solve any of your computing needs. do not hesitate to contact us.