The question to be answered is how. How can you get the right result, at any time and for each person. The answer is two software systems working in parallel:

  • 1. Unique profile

    • Basic information

      Full name

    • Interests
    • Education, training and employment
    • Aggregate information (information you can share your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).
    • Diary (maintains information about your previous decisions)

    This information will represent your Knomos ID.
  • 2. Recommender

    Responsible for analyzing your data and those obtained from the Internet to offer suggestions. Apart from the explicit information provided and collected from external sources, the system infers (discover) extra information and generates a pattern of your self. From there, it offers practical answers and correct to the needs you have: going to the movies, go skiing, make a gift, entertain, and so on.